Academic Partner - Pallavan Learning Systems (PLS)

Our academic partner is Pallavan Learning Systems, an educational research organisation that specialises in creating education centres of excellence with innovative learning spaces and systems so that learning takes place seamlessly. The different learning styles, abilities and interests of each child are recognised and incorporated into the learning environment and educational process.

Pallavan Learning Systems was founded by Mr Arun Kapur, who serves as Advisor to the Board of Directors at Paradise Valley Private School. An educator par excellence, Mr Kapur guides the development and implementation of leading-edge learning technologies and methods that enrich school education through the promotion of professional standards, while focusing on the professional development of teachers.

Every individual is dynamic and can learn. All children have the potential to be the best that they can be, given the right kind of intervention. All children learn together regardless of their nationality, social, economic, religiousbackground or levels of ability. The students help each other, learn to appreciate each other’s strengths and challenges and become sensitive and compassionate human beings.

All learning experiences are common providing equal opportunities to all students.

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