Admission Process

The Paradise Valley Private School emphasizes academic excellence, respects diversity and encourages ideas and creativity. The school welcomes students who are eager to learn and grow into happy, healthy individuals and progressive citizens of the world.

Minimum Age Requirements at the beginning of the Academic Year:

KG-1: 3 years 2 months

KG-2: 4 years 2 months

Grade-1: 5 years 2 months

Grade-2: 6 years 2 months

Grade-3: 7 years 2 months

Grade-4: 8 years 2 months

Admission Process

Parents seeking admission for their children need to fill up an admission form which can be obtained from the Admission Office or downloaded from the school website. The form is to be submitted to the Admission Coordinator along with a non-refundable admission fee of RO 50.

Supporting documents required

  1. Copy of Visa and Passport (for expatriate students) and two passport photos of the student
  2. Copy of National ID / Passport for Omani students and two passport photos of the student
  3. Previous academic transcripts of last two years, wherever applicable
  4. Medical Form with attestations from the Doctor

Each applicant and the family will be given a tour of the school by a member of the Admission Team. Applicants with learning disabilities are also welcome in the school.

After the interview and scrutiny of the documents, the Admission Committee takes a decision and a written confirmation is given to those selected.

Admission Committee

The Head of the School along with heads of departments and special needs educator, as and when needed, form the Admission Committee. However, the final decision is taken by the School Management Committee.

For any query about the admission process please contact the Admission Office: Phone no +968 7174 0770 or +968 9117 0897 or email at